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Hanging System - TRACK

THE HANGING SYSTEM TRACK - The aluminium gallery Hanging System Track or rail comes in 3m lengths. Selecting a quantity of 1 means you have selected a single 3m length... 2 means you have selected 2 x 3m or 6m in total... and so on.

Colour Options - The standard Hanging System Track colour is anodized silver (satin finish). The aluminium Hanging System Track can also be powder-coated in an array of different colours at an extra cost of R290.00 per 3m length. Selecting the "Other" colour option adjusts the 3m length price accordingly. Please also specify your preferred colour in the "Colour/Other" text field supplied above. We will supply you with physical colour samples in order to finalize your colour choice before commencing with the order.

How to Order:

  1. Decide on how many of your walls you would like to install the Gallery Hanging System. Is it a whole room or just a feature wall? Measure the length of the wall/s involved and divide the total by 3 (3m = 1 length of track). So if you have 22 running metres of wallspace it would be 22 ÷ 3 = 7.3 lengths of track. This means you would need to order 8 lengths of Hanging System Track.
  2. You no doubt have a good idea how many artworks you have to install. Tip: Your artworks will hang permanently level with 2 cables and hooks per piece. You also may want to hang 2 or 3 pieces together, one below the other - which means 1 or 2 cables, but more hooks.
  3. Having ascertained your needs simply select your required quantity of Hanging System Track and click the 'Add to Cart' button.

Now, go to the Hanging System Cables and Hanging System Hooks product pages to finalize the rest of your order.

Installing the Gallery Hanging System Track requires drilling into and precision cutting of the aluminium track. For professional installation contact The Hangman on 083 600 7846.

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