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Picture Hanging Services

The art and pictures we hang on our walls say something about us. They're the most personal part of our home or office. It pays to make sure that our pictures, memorabilia and prized art collections are installed correctly.

The Hangman assists corporates and homeowners who have moved, renovated or acquired new works with a professional art installation & picture hanging service. You can relax, assured of the best possible outcome.

Our hanging and installaion services are used by discerning homeowners, hospitality & corporate clients, interior designers, art curators and government departments alike. The Hangman specializes in getting your art, pictures and photo-walls placed and hung to perfection. Our motto is "Hung Right, First Time, Every Time"

We bring with us 25 years of design, layout and installation experience and don’t just bang a nail in the wall. Our experienced and professional team ensures that each piece is installed optimally with care and attention to detail. Allthough fast and efficient, we install without compromise. You have the added peace-of-mind that all walls are tested for electrical and/or water conduits before any work is undertaken. We are equipped for any art installation and our cleanup is immaculate.

• Art & Mirrors Installations
• Photo Wall Collage Solutions - Planned & Installed
• The Gallery Track Hanging System - Supplied & Installed
• Bathroom Accessories
• In short, anything that needs hanging.

So have it "HUNG RIGHT, FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME" when next you need picture hanging & art installation services. Contact Mark on 083 600 7846 or e-mail hang@thehangman.co.za

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